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Looking into A New Look, Fresh Web Explorer

For marketers one of the most important jobs is to keep track of various things such as the mention of their products, usage of their links and the like. The reason these are important is that with the help of such information one can scale up things and in turn improve their business. It is this need of keeping track of things and to make the most of fresh links and mentions that gave birth to Fresh Web Explorer. It is a tool with lots of functionalities that can help you improvise and improve your business by making use of the information gathered up by Fresh Web Explorer.


Finding Opportunities

This is one of the prime features of the tool where one can search their product or brand and the result shows the list of domains or the URLs that they are on. This also shows the places where your competitors are present. By the help of this one can look up for opportunities where their links can be published. It also provides with options to have a look at the mention of competitors’ brands, industry terms as well as industry brands, which ensure you have more options for wider coverage.

Content Opportunities

The tools goes few steps ahead with this feature as it hands you the dynamic potential to choose the correct content so that your brand/product is right at the top. This helps you out with the Search Engine optimization as you know which content is topping the charts so that you can include the same. On the other hand Fresh Web Explorer also lets you know which content or which topic is getting exhausted so that you can avoid the same and in turn make an impact with something new.

Fresh Sources

The tool also lets you know when a fresh source or link happens to mention two or more of your competitors but does not include you. The reason might be that the source does not know about your product/brand, thus providing you with opportunity to publicise your brand.

Source Comparison


is a feature that would not be available during the launch of the tool but it will be included later on. This allows you to see if two or more sources have covered any specific topic of not. If you feel they have missed out on some important topic you can always pitch in for a guest post. The source comparison feature also makes sure that you know stuffs such as the saturation or under usage of any specific topic. One can also find out blogs or websites that need articles or content that you have and they do not have.


This feature of the tools allows you to come up with reports regarding how links, phrases or terms are trending. This is something that the PR companies do for you. This is an opportunity for both

to make the most out of the reporting feature of the Fresh Web Explorer. These are some of the uses of the tool. However one can surely find viagra pfizer canada out many more uses as they start exploring the same.