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10 Tips to Incorporate Vine into Social Media Marketing Strategy

Vine is a brand new technology that will help you in business through social networking. It is an application that allows you to share your videos on Twitter and is a very powerful tool for advertisement and propaganda.

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Magic has enthralled generations since time immemorial. Hiring a magician who is reasonably competent will work wonders by looping and short takes that will emphasize the mystique of magic and generate popularity for your product.


There is no such thing as bad publicity. Fame or infamy the crux of the matter is people know you and your company, and can identify you among a bunch of similar organizations. An attractive video of a

race or contest or sensual material will promote your company’s image globally.


Using just a smart phone you can create animations @ 30 frames per second. Animation is fun, it has universal appeal and easy to make. Using animation on Vine will send the message to the population about you level of commitment to the quality of the product you are dispensing. Mini movies can also be used to garner the same results.


Endlessly playing a video over and over again in a very clever way of implanting subliminal ideas. A

message touting your product with a catchy tune if endlessly repeated will burn itself into the mind of the people by sheer repetition and persistency.


You can also employ a novel method of not using pictures but only sound. The innovation of this approach will entice your customers and make your product instantly identifiable. It will tickle the imagination of the listener and enable him to identify himself with the product you are selling.


Getting professional help is always a good thing. A director will edit your Vine video and cut out the non essential parts of the movie, making your video crisp and catchy. A professional will tell you of the appropriateness and political correctness or the lack of it in the symbols you use and thereby generate exactly the response you want – curiosity.


A trademark is valuable. A logo is an excellent tool for promoting your company or product. A video that personifies your logo and sets it on a magical journey through various attractive my canadian pharmacy online places and bamboozling obstacles to reach the final destination is irresistible. It will stick in the mind of the viewer and persuade him to come to you and you only when he needs the variety of the product that you are selling.

Candid Camera:

Reality shows are immensely popular because people love to watch other people as they go through emotional turmoil or their most private moments. The thrill of learning a person’s dreams, ambitions, hopes and secrets will draw customers to your company like a moth to the flame.


Opening a competition for the best video to be used in your advertisement is a very clever move. They will do all the work and for a pittance you can have your pick from a flock of amateur filmmakers.


Famous faces are always important. A video of a celebrity endorsing your product on Vine will generate millions of viewers and provide you with infinite advertisement capabilities.