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News Regarding Information Not Being Provided For The Updates Is A Swindle- Google

Over the last few months, Google has made tremendous changes in the guidelines, which can handle the SEO tactics, and changes done by the companies to avail high rankings.  It is suggested that, companies, which are taking use of sneaky techniques to gain the edge in the market and search engines, must stop taking use of these methods or else they might have to face the wrath of Google. SEO practice has been into practice since years and with advancement of technology, it has been enhanced to greater fronts. However, one must keep in mind that, Google, has changed the ways of SEO and have issued new guidelines for the users so that illegal practices can be stopped and companies, which are bogus, can be stopped from getting higher rankings in Google search.

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Seeing the updates from Google

Started in the year 2012, Google has taken use of Webmaster tools for alerting the users of the illegal and wrong SEO tactics so that they can improvise the changes and adopt something new. It was seen that, since the webmaster started giving the warnings, some of the sites, which were using improper tactics, faced low rankings. Along with

this, some of the sites were even removed from the search engine. However, if a person is thinking that Google will stop these changes, then they must reconsider again because the changes from Google will not change and on the other hand, it will become even stricter.

News about the updates from Google

Recently, there was news that Google will not be informing about the changes and updates that they will be conducting. However, Google has denied any such facts related to the updates, have stated that, the news or information, which was being aired over the internet, is a hoax, and have been done as a spammer. This information was given through a video update from Google stating that all the information related to the changes and updates of Panda and Penguin will be given to the users so that they can work accordingly.

When Google was approached for information related to the updates, they clearly mentioned in their comments that those updates were a part of the general process and were not a part of any important updates. Along with this, they made a point that the updates were to refresh Panda and Penguin and not the algorithm system that is being followed by Google to stop spam.

The next

Updates from Panda

Google Panda extension update is being done on a monthly basis and as it has been done for the month of March, Google has stated that the next date for the update is not yet finalized. However, a new refresh of Panda cheap viagra with fast delivery is expected within a few days. With the news on the false information being circulated in the market related to the updates, users have taken a sigh of relief as they will be able to work on the updates accordingly and prepare themselves for the next set of Panda or Penguin update from Google.