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How you can improve your Page Rank on Google

Are you wanting to improve your google Page Rank ? In this competitive world, all websites would like to rank among the top 10 so that they can be recognized by clients as well as other SEO companies.

Importance of Google page rankings?

Ranking system in Google has 10 levels, where 10 is highest. Page rank is updated 4 times in a year. The simplest way in which one can recognize a page rank, is to put up a tool bar in the browser of their web. Good quality back links result in Page ranks. Page ranks are conducted on basis of math equations which include density of keywords, back links, page authority, exit links and more.

Now let us see different tips in which one can increase their Page rank:

Natural back links can be brought  by constructive and quality contents

The best way of increasing your page rank is by help of Natural good quality back links. Writing good quality content will lead one to acquire natural back links. If content of your website is good, then other websites will automatically try and link to your page. One does not need to spend time in creating back links. It automatically comes with your work quality.

Try and keep away from bad links

Your Page rank will automatically reduce if you are linked to sites which are not genuine. The best way to understand whether you are being linked to a spam site is by Google webmaster tools which help you to detect whether the back link is spam. The Google Disavow Links Tool is of great help in this procedure.

Be on the top

The best way to be at the top is by placing your links at the top of the page. If your link appears in the top, Google will definitely provide you with a better rank. If your link subsequently follows lot of links, you might not get best results.

Use a dedicated IP address

It is necessary for every domain name to comprise of an IP address so that the domain is recognized by this address. The internet would not be able to remember so many IP addresses, so it is important that the domain name is also given. Domains that use a dedicated IP address are given better rankings by Google search engines and are also more reliable than ones that do not have IP addresses.

Try earning back links from edu and gov

Educational and governmental sites are trusted sites. One should try and get back links from these sites so that they can also be trusted.

Tender a guest post

Submission of guest posts or blogs to websites that have good ranking will also help you to increase your page rank. Writing a guest blog with the help of a good blogger will definitely enhance your chances.

Submission of article

Submission of exceptional contents also will help you to increase chances of high ranking in page rank.

Internal linking

Try linking yourself with relevant websites which have high rankings.


Commenting on blogs, adding your website links as signatures, will help you to increase rankings.

Directory submission

Free Directories consisting of back links have extraordinary qualities.

Back links from social media

Free back links and social sites can augment to page rankings.

Control outbound links and don’t buy back links

One should not buy back links as most of them are considered spam. Page rankings depend on the quality of content and not on the back links. Also maintain your page link by adding the no comment section.

Do not sell back links

Like buying, do not sell back links as well. Keep your page ranks to yourself.


Your website should be free of errors. Speed also plays a major role in ranking of your website.

SEO Tips for 2014

SEO tips for 2014 Tips for getting your site on top in 2014
SEO plays an important part in determining the rank and popularity of your website. In this era of heavy digital competition it is very important for the site owners to do SEO of their site’s content in order to rank top in search results. Here are the top 10 SEO tips for 2014 which will help you reach the top:
1. Quality Content: Content is the backbone of your website and it is your responsibility to have high quality and plagiarism free content which will boost your page rank a lot.
2. Title tags: Title tags must not be long and you should try to add a keyword to the title of your web pages in order to increase its visibility.
3. Images: Using images with proper alt tags and descriptions can also help you to boost your site’s popularity.
4. Navigation: Make sure that the navigation of your website is crawlable by the search engines in order to obtain higher ranks in the search results.
5. Internal Linking: Using this tool smartly can help you to engage the visitors within the site. Make a good network of internal links in order to make the visitor view maximum possible content.
6. Sociability: Using social media widgets on your websites helps the people in promptly sharing your website’s content with others. This in turn makes your website more popular.
7. Keep keyword density optimal: Refrain from using the keywords again and again as this can result in your content being flagged as spam and also this will cause your page rank to fall as search engines do not encourage spam.
8. External Links: Make sure to get link to your website from similar themed high quality and popular websites which will make your website trusted by search engines and cause your site to get better positions in search results.
9. URLs: Keep your URLs short and avoid using symbols and spaces so as to not cause issues. A simple and clean URL will surely increase your page rank in the search engine results.
10. Social Media marketing: Social Media plays an important role in popularising the websites, so it is highly recommended to have pages regarding your website on facebook, google plus etc in order to take advantage of social media.

Hope these SEO tips would help you to get started in 2014.

Seek SEO services to beat the competition

SEO expert Sydney SEO experts in Sydney are one of the most sought after SEO professional these days as the growing competition on the internet. Fierce competition is not new in the world of today as you can find it in every field. If you want to win then you got to have the best seo tools. If you have a business and struggling to make your place on the internet then a strong website must be your tool. A website becomes strong by many things and one of them is the content in it. The content of the website must be such that it can attract the people to read it.
An SEO expert in Australia or any where else is responsible for making the website search engine friendly. The website which has been worked upon by a SEO professional has better chances of getting higher ranking in the search results of the search engine.
You will have no difficulty in finding the best SEO services in Sydney or Melbourne as there are many companies that offer such services. These companies make it a point to give the best results to the clients so that their website has high web traffic.

A good SEO expert in Australia will be a master at his job and keep himself updated about the latest trends that keep entering the market. By now you would have understood that hiring best SEO services in Australia is a good thing after all as only a professional will know how to make the website search engine friendly. The SEO market is a flourishing market in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide and many new talents keep entering in order to help businesses. You will find a lot of talent here when it comes to finding a professional SEO expert in Sydney.

Google On The Verge Of Making Strict Rules For Penguin Updates

The renowned search engine across the world, Google, has made strict rules related to the updates, which are done by the companies in order to enhance internet traffic. The experts from the industry have stated that, Google has made these rules so that level of web spam over the internet can be reduced. The new updates of Google has clearly mentioned the fact that companies which are not following the rules of Google related to the updates and posting of sites in an illegal way will be penalized heavily. In accordance to these rules, Google has even viagra canada drugs made their point clear that those websites, which will be having links that are not according to the guidelines, would be blocked in a way, which will surely hamper the performance. In addition, Google has even stated that, only a level of fifty percent suspicious links will be tolerated from the websites and the remaining links should be genuine.

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The reason behind the strict rules

Since the Google’s Penguin update was launched, websites were allowed to have eighty percent apprehensive links with their sites before they were penalized, but the tolerance level of Google has come down to fifty percent and the Penguin updates have become strict in every form. Google has clearly mentioned that, the changes have been take into use because there are various companies online which are trying their best to take forward their business through natural and legal ways, but are hampered because of those online websites which are taking use of

suspicious and illegal links.

The effects that will take place with the SEO professionals

With the strict rules related to the Penguin updates from Google, it has been clearly seen that SEO professionals will be having a tough time to avail increased number of internet traffic. The communities of the SEO professionals have even quoted that, the number of doubtful links have been reduced to fifty percent and seeing the changing trends of Google updates, they are sure that the level might even fall down making it difficult for them to generate business. As Google has announced some more updates of Penguin, it has created rave hearsays about the level of tolerance by Google.

Panda is coming out of hibernation along with Penguin

Google has announced that, Panda will be having its 25th update, which will implement new rules for the online world. The new panda update will be in accordance to the algorithm system and will be in working over few days. However, Matt Cutts, head of the Google’s Web Spam team have stated that, no official announcement has been made regarding the Panda updates as penguin updates are running fine. In addition, Matt even stated that, if the changes related to Panda will come in Google, then it will be different in all ways and will have some rules that will be stricter for search engine optimization.

Final verdict

With the changing patterns of Google updates, it is clear that, Panda will soon come out of its hibernation; until then Penguin will continue to create havoc. Now, one will have

to wait and watch the level of tolerance from Google after the return of Panda.



Schema Markup: What You Need To Know?

The online world is full of competition and if you wish to keep your website at the top, you need new techniques and innovation. Content is an important requirement and it helps in mapping the success of the website and the traffic it attracts on the internet. The content of the website has to pass many standards and only then it will reach the right set of people. The various SEO techniques and web design practices are somewhat difficult for the current local businesses to adopt. Schema.org collaborated with some of the best search engines in order to create a way so that the important content of a particular website can be highlighted.

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A website contains a lot of different information on a particular subject and it becomes easier for the reader if the important details are categorized and highlighted. This collaboration between Schema.org and the search engines brought some very revolutionary changes in the world of SEO practices. As per a cheap viagra 100mg latest survey it has come forth that only around twenty five percent of the businesses in the United States have their very own websites and moreover only ten percent from them display their rates on the internet.

 If yours is a local business and you wish to get more customers for your business then you ought to consider using the Schema Markup as it has a lot of beneficial points to look out for. Why should they use Schema Markup you may ask? The main thing to understand here is that Schema Markup enables the search engines to highlight the essential points of a business such as testimonials and hours in the search results itself. It makes it easier for the people to know about the company in a better way in the search results and it is obviously good for the businesses.

 How to Implement Schema Markup?

 Schema Markup can be implemented in

a very simple manner if you know what to do. Therefore let us move forth and discuss the steps through which you can use this to enhance your business on the internet. The very first step would be to make sure that the contact and geographic details about the company are properly mentioned on the website. There are many categories that can be chosen by the businesses for their contacts page if they visit Schema.org local business section.

 If you are looking forward to strengthen your online credibility business wise then the reviews on

popular websites such as Bing and Google can be really helpful as they yield much more exposure. Many businesses hold important events from time to time but face issues when it comes to publicizing them on the internet. You can leave such worries behind as you can now publicize your official event easily through Schema Markup. Schema Markup can prove to be very fruitful for your local business therefore you should not think twice before using it.