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Ways To Stay Safe From Google

SEO practice has been into practice since years and with advancement of technology, it has

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been enhanced to greater fronts. However, one must keep in mind that, Google, has changed the ways of SEO and have issued new guidelines for the users so that illegal practices can be stopped and companies, which are bogus, can be stopped from getting higher rankings in Google search.

Over the last few months, Google has made tremendous changes in the guidelines, which can handle the SEO tactics, and changes done by the companies to avail high rankings.  It is suggested that, companies, which are taking use of sneaky techniques to gain the edge in the market and search engines, must stop taking use of these methods or else they might have to face the wrath of Google.

Word of caution from Google

Started in the year 2012, Google has taken use of Webmaster tools for alerting the users of the illegal and wrong SEO tactics so that they can improvise the changes and adopt something new. It was seen that, since the webmaster started giving the warnings, some of the sites, which were using improper tactics, faced low rankings. Along with this, some of the sites were even removed from the search engine. However, if a person is thinking that Google will stop these changes, then they must reconsider again because the changes from Google will not change and on the other hand, it will become even stricter.

What methods can be obtained and taken into use for staying safe with Google?

 Google and various other renowned SEO companies have given knowledgeable ways and methods, which can be taken into use for staying safe from Google, and have good rankings for the same. Below mentioned are some of the tactics that can be followed with ease.

Not Using Paid Links: In the past, this strategy must have worked for your online business, but it will not work anymore because of the changes given by Google. If you are paying links to attain higher ranking in the search engine, then you must stop doing so as you can be penalized for the same.

You have to keep in mind that paid links are different in all ways from advertising and directory listings for which you have paid. If the paid links are not related to your site, then you get viagra fast will fall deep in trouble.

Linking anchor texts: A method that was used by website and blog owners was link anchor text. For enhancing the rankings of certain keywords, users used this method. Today, this method will not be working effectively and a person has to balance the links and the profile effectively. For escaping the wrath of Google, take use of a sit explorer and identify the anchor texts so that you can repair them.

Building unique content: If you want to sustain in the Google ranking system, then make sure that the content, which you are using, is different. Remove the entire duplicate content from your website and blogs so that it can be unique and stand in the guidelines of Google.

Guidelines from Google: Last, but the most important pointer to sustain in the search engine of Google is to follow the guidelines that have been issued by Google for all the websites and blogs. Follow the safe practice techniques and you will be able to attain the rankings in Google with ease.