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Information Related To The Updates To Remain Veiled By Google

Google has become strict with the rules related to the updates, which are now done on a constant basis. The new Panda Update has been done recently and it has been officially declared that the changes about the updates will not be informed to the users officially. Before making the changes in the updates, Google had clearly mentioned that, twenty-five new updates would be done along with the one, which has been done with Panda, and the process of upgrading the system has even started for the same. Google has made the point clear that the updates will be incorporated in the current working system and index process.

What the SEO master have to do

As, Matt Cutts who is the head of Web Spam department in Google clearly made the official statement about not informing about the changes, it has created a mayhem amidst the SEO professionals. With the changing pattern of Google, the experts of search engine optimization will now have to check on the updates on their own with help of their intelligence. As the news about not providing any information related to the updates was flashed through twitter and various other sources, it will now be totally on the judgment protocol of the SEO experts to understand about the updates. Matt Cutts have stated, the reason behind not informing about the changes is that, SEO experts always found a loophole with the changes, which made it difficult to handle the spam occurring over the internet.

Some more announcements made by Google

Amidst the entire final announcement made by Google related to the updates, they have clearly stated that, Panda and Penguin updates would now be done on a more frequent basis. The algorithm, which is being followed by Google, will be seeing the latest updates from Panda and Penguin, which will make the norms strict for the spammers. The recent update from Google was of Panda, which was done in the month of March. Before this update, a panda update was done in the month of January 2013 and December 2012. All these changes were done as a part of second anniversary celebration of Panda.

How effective will be the changes with the changing pattern of Google

Experts and Gurus from the IT industry have clearly stated that, they are sure these updates will be working in the best possible manner. In addition, they have also supported the decision of not informing about the changes and updates related to Panda or Penguin. Google has made their point that, the working will be now be done in a smoother manner as it will be stopping those spammed web portals which take use of faulty methods like duplicating content and other sources for down ranking those portals which are taking use of genuine methods of enhancing their presence online. Google has stated that, with these changes coming into an effective manner, it will be working on a positive note for the organizations, which are genuine and strive hard to sustain in the cutthroat competitive environment. However, some of the experts have even stated that, the news related to this information can even be a hoax.