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Google On The Verge Of Making Strict Rules For Penguin Updates

The renowned search engine across the world, Google, has made strict rules related to the updates, which are done by the companies in order to enhance internet traffic. The experts from the industry have stated that, Google has made these rules so that level of web spam over the internet can be reduced. The new updates of Google has clearly mentioned the fact that companies which are not following the rules of Google related to the updates and posting of sites in an illegal way will be penalized heavily. In accordance to these rules, Google has even viagra canada drugs made their point clear that those websites, which will be having links that are not according to the guidelines, would be blocked in a way, which will surely hamper the performance. In addition, Google has even stated that, only a level of fifty percent suspicious links will be tolerated from the websites and the remaining links should be genuine.

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The reason behind the strict rules

Since the Google’s Penguin update was launched, websites were allowed to have eighty percent apprehensive links with their sites before they were penalized, but the tolerance level of Google has come down to fifty percent and the Penguin updates have become strict in every form. Google has clearly mentioned that, the changes have been take into use because there are various companies online which are trying their best to take forward their business through natural and legal ways, but are hampered because of those online websites which are taking use of

suspicious and illegal links.

The effects that will take place with the SEO professionals

With the strict rules related to the Penguin updates from Google, it has been clearly seen that SEO professionals will be having a tough time to avail increased number of internet traffic. The communities of the SEO professionals have even quoted that, the number of doubtful links have been reduced to fifty percent and seeing the changing trends of Google updates, they are sure that the level might even fall down making it difficult for them to generate business. As Google has announced some more updates of Penguin, it has created rave hearsays about the level of tolerance by Google.

Panda is coming out of hibernation along with Penguin

Google has announced that, Panda will be having its 25th update, which will implement new rules for the online world. The new panda update will be in accordance to the algorithm system and will be in working over few days. However, Matt Cutts, head of the Google’s Web Spam team have stated that, no official announcement has been made regarding the Panda updates as penguin updates are running fine. In addition, Matt even stated that, if the changes related to Panda will come in Google, then it will be different in all ways and will have some rules that will be stricter for search engine optimization.

Final verdict

With the changing patterns of Google updates, it is clear that, Panda will soon come out of its hibernation; until then Penguin will continue to create havoc. Now, one will have

to wait and watch the level of tolerance from Google after the return of Panda.