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AdWords Landscape: An Insight

Unlike the common belief that AdWords is specific for the PPC or Pay Per Click analysts, the Google AdWords provides with information much more relevant and important that what one would have assumed it to be. The impact of Google’s SERP advertising has majorly been on effectiveness of organic results as well as their positioning. However the most common question that everyone has in their mind is that, how would the latest AdWrod look like? The other sub questions being, where would the ads be, how many of the ads would be present, in the “WILD” what all combinations would it consist of etc.

The Method Followed

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In order to find out the working or the AdWords Landscape, data was collected from about 10,000 page- one

> Google SERPS from the search engine Google.com. The data was collected during a weekday during normal business hours. Couple of things that were taken care of before taking up the data was that a logged-out Chrome browser was used along with no

Personalization. All the major ad blocks were also parsed and so were the links that were present in those. When the data was pulled it reflected some 500 words from the 20 categories that are available with AdWords.

Things To Watch Out

The result that is pulled out of the AdWords is more inclined towards commercial side as compared to average keyword. Thus the percentages that are depicted, certainly does not indicate the queries placed all over the world. When the same results were sought during different days and also different times, the data was greatly consistent.

During one instance it was found that 85.2% buy viagra online of the queries fired were crawled and when the same was compared to the global volume presented by Google, it was found that the product had about 84.5% market penetration. Thus the conclusion was that the correlation between the query volume and the presence of ads was almost non-existent (r=0.018). However the correlation of Google’s competition metric as compared to the presence of ads was fairly high (r=0.874).

The Changes

The image present over here is only a snapshot of a picture that was changing rapidly. For an instance, thought the paid shopping segment is relatively new, it was found to be on almost 20% of all the queries that were crawled. Here is the difference between the traditional AdWords and the latest one, paid shopping on the newer version can be seen in multiple forms and positions, including the upper-right format which used to be covered by Knowledge Graph earlier.

One also gets to see evolution when it comes to the traditional top ads, as the new ads show extensions, have lead generation forms, expanded site links etc. Thus one might expect Google to play around with the new formats such as on the top and right also it might blend the advertisements with the space earlier allocated to Knowledge Graphs which in turn increases the CTR. These changes might affect people in both paid as well as organic search and not limited to PPC specialists only.