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Why Bulk Content Posting Is No Longer Google’s Darling?

Bulk content could have been your friend but that time has certainly passed as now you cannot afford to take the risk of spamming your website. What role does the content play anyway? When a person visits a website he is definitely looking for some information about a product or a company and it is the content on the website that will fulfill the purpose. If the content is in bulk but does not extend any useful information then it is useless in every manner. Apart from being informative the content should be interesting so that it can grip the attention of the readers.


can realize the power of good and unique content once you have it on your website. It has tremendous power and it can rope in a lot of people and continue to do so for a long time. Bulk content is not always harmful but if the bulk content

is also copied and poorly written then nothing can be worse than that. You will notice that the SEO can i order viagra from the chemist practices have changed a lot since the introduction of the newest Google algorithms namely Google Panda and Google Penguin.

Bulk content posting and Google part ways

Google has certainly changed its ways to look at content on the websites and the parameters that helped Google to judge the content have also undergone many changes. Spamming is a strict no for the websites today who wish to leave a strong impact on the internet. The newest Google algorithms do not tolerate unnecessary content at any cost and the website could seriously suffer due to the bulk content. If you wish to make your website high ranking in the search results then get rid of all the unnecessary content.

Bulk content posting might be hip some time back but the SEO market has seriously changed with time. The standards have certainly risen as the competition is getting fierce with every passing day. Today you seriously cannot afford to spam your website or blog with bulk content as that will only curb the progress of them. Try and write content that is to the point and delivers the information sought by the people. Time is of the essence these days and no one has the time to read bulk content on the website so the shorter and interesting content you have, the better.

The Google algorithms that have been introduced recently have really revolutionized the SEO world and some websites have gained through them while there are some that have suffered great losses due to these algorithms. You need to work hard if you wish to pass the standards set by Google Panda and Google Penguin as they do not let the spammers pass. Unique and to the point content rules today and you have to follow the trend if you wish to rise. Content can make you rich and it can also make you lose; the choice is completely yours.