How you can improve your Page Rank on Google

How you can improve your Page Rank on Google

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Are you wanting to improve your google Page Rank ? In this competitive world, all websites would like to rank among the top 10 so that they can be recognized by clients as well as other SEO companies.

Importance of Google page rankings?

Ranking system in Google has 10 levels, where 10 is highest. Page rank is updated 4 times in a year. The simplest way in which one can recognize a page rank, is to put up a tool bar in the browser of their web. Good quality back links result in Page ranks. Page ranks are conducted on basis of math equations which include density of keywords, back links, page authority, exit links and more.

Now let us see different tips in which one can increase their Page rank:

Natural back links can be brought  by constructive and quality contents

The best way of increasing your page rank is by help of Natural good quality back links. Writing good quality content will lead one to acquire natural back links. If content of your website is good, then other websites will automatically try and link to your page. One does not need to spend time in creating back links. It automatically comes with your work quality.

Try and keep away from bad links

Your Page rank will automatically reduce if you are linked to sites which are not genuine. The best way to understand whether you are being linked to a spam site is by Google webmaster tools which help you to detect whether the back link is spam. The Google Disavow Links Tool is of great help in this procedure.

Be on the top

The best way to be at the top is by placing your links at the top of the page. If your link appears in the top, Google will definitely provide you with a better rank. If your link subsequently follows lot of links, you might not get best results.

Use a dedicated IP address

It is necessary for every domain name to comprise of an IP address so that the domain is recognized by this address. The internet would not be able to remember so many IP addresses, so it is important that the domain name is also given. Domains that use a dedicated IP address are given better rankings by Google search engines and are also more reliable than ones that do not have IP addresses.

Try earning back links from edu and gov

Educational and governmental sites are trusted sites. One should try and get back links from these sites so that they can also be trusted.

Tender a guest post

Submission of guest posts or blogs to websites that have good ranking will also help you to increase your page rank. Writing a guest blog with the help of a good blogger will definitely enhance your chances.

Submission of article

Submission of exceptional contents also will help you to increase chances of high ranking in page rank.

Internal linking

Try linking yourself with relevant websites which have high rankings.


Commenting on blogs, adding your website links as signatures, will help you to increase rankings.

Directory submission

Free Directories consisting of back links have extraordinary qualities.

Back links from social media

Free back links and social sites can augment to page rankings.

Control outbound links and don’t buy back links

One should not buy back links as most of them are considered spam. Page rankings depend on the quality of content and not on the back links. Also maintain your page link by adding the no comment section.

Do not sell back links

Like buying, do not sell back links as well. Keep your page ranks to yourself.


Your website should be free of errors. Speed also plays a major role in ranking of your website.