Tips for improving local search ranking in Google

Tips for improving local search ranking in Google

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People who are starting up on new businesses need exposure for their business in order to grow and expand. Placing your website on Google Places is one such technique which helps the new business owners to expand their business and find more and more customers in their local areas.

In this article we are going to give you tips on how to improve local search ranking in google.
Tips for improving local search ranking in Google –
• Provide correct contact information and hours of operation so that the people can get in touch with you easily.
• The name of business, address and contact number must be consistent everywhere (Google Plus, Website, Google Places etc)
• The business category must be chosen with care as it plays an important role in getting your page rank high in searches.
• The name of the business must contain a service based keyword and a location based keyword in order to make the website popular in searches and more visible to the customers.
All these small points though seem quite insignificant, play an important role in deciding the ranking of a business in local google SERPs.

In order to put your business information on Google Local, you would need to have a Google Places account which will let you add your website information accurately and reap more benefits via google local listings. In addition to the tips given above, it is also highly recommended to use the Google Maps feature to list your business online so that while people are searching for services of the type which are offered by you, then they should come across your business and its location too.

Other tools which help in improving the local search rankings are mobile apps, mobile site, maintaining a google plus account for your business, social media advertising like FaceBook, Twitter and so on. Thus, you must now have got a little idea on how to improve local search engine ranking in Google and get your business to a new height.