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Hire dedicated SEO Expert

Do you have multiple websites ? Are you looking to hire SEO expert to work on your websites ? We provide SEO staff – SEO professionals, SEO managers and SEO executives apart from SEO services to various companies in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. If you are planning to hire SEO professional for your company, please do give us a chance to explain how can we be useful to cut cost and increase efficiency.

SEO Professionals: We cater to various clients and SEO companies, big and small in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. We provide dedicated SEO executive who will work on your website as per your instructions with weekly reporting. This option is good if you know what has to be done and when. The cost starts at just $2999/m.
Second option is to hire a SEO team with 1 SEO manager who plans the SEO strategy, monitors it and gets it implemented, 1 SEO executive to do the submissions etc. and a content writer (dedicated/freelancer) to research and write content for SEO.

SEO Expert Sydney

What is the benefit of hiring SEO expert ?

Huge cost benefits.Companies providing SEO services or companies interested to hire a dedicated SEO expert can outsource their work to us. We provide SEO specialist (SEO staff) at very reasonable price without having to worry about taxes, superannuation etc. No office cost or overheads.

How does it work ?

To start the process, you need to send us your requirement. As per your requirement, we interview and hire the best SEO professionals. We have complete infrastructure in place to seat 25-30 professionals that can be expanded as per requirement. These professionals work as your employees as per your instructions but on our payroll. We supervise and help them to achieve your goals.

Can the clients/companies hiring SEO expert monitor the work of their staff ?

Yes. We provide you with a manager who interacts with you to understand your requirements. You need to provide all the instructions about what your staff needs to do per week. Whatever work is done is shared through online google spread sheets. This way you can monitor and check the progress. The manager will always be in touch for any modifications or alterations required.

So if you are looking forward to hire SEO expert, please do give us a chance to help you find the most suitable candidates at very reasonable price and without having to worry about any taxes, office space and infrastructure, superannuations etc. If you have any requirement for SEO Perth, SEO Melbourne, SEO Adelaide or SEO Sydney you can be sure that we are the best SEO company for providing search engine optimisation professionals.